Entertaining with Style

A great course offering dazzling dishes which will wow your guests at any dinner party. An opportunity to lean both new techniques and incredible presentation skills, this course is always popular and will make your friends green with envy!

Course Content

Our tutors are all accomplished chefs and cooks in their own right who enjoy the opportunity to share their skills and insights. We cover all aspects of dealing with the ingredients which you will be using, including the preparation and storage of the raw products and where appropriate, knife skills.

Our ever popular Fish course starts with you examining the quality of the three whole fish you will be working with that day. Then you learn all aspects of cleaning and preparing this popular food group. Chocolate classes take you through the practical aspects of working with chocolate and the process of tempering. You can expect to take home with you your hand made truffles, moulded chocolates and decorative chocolate ribbons. Themed Regional days are our most popular classes where we aim to produce a three course meal in the style of that region.

Where possible we aim to stay true to the seasons by sourcing seasonal produce.

Course Format

Arriving from 9.30am onwards, we aim to start each day at 10am with a short introduction. Where your class involves the production of a three course meal you will watch a demonstration of each course and then be given the time and any assistance required to replicate the same course. This is repeated for each course. We like to emphasise the benefits of preparing ahead and creating ‘mise-en-place’ (Literally – ‘put in place’). We stop for a break in the middle, to chat and share tips and we often like to taste the starter at this time. At the end of the day you get the chance to sit down and enjoy the creations you have made, accompanied by a glass of wine.

Course Dates