Assessment include a Diploma Lunch, Written Test, Portfolio and ongoing assessments. Each type of Assessment cover different elements that allow us to make sure you know and understand the different techniques and skills you have learnt.

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In the final month of the course, student are give the task of organising and preparing a full lunch, fro designing the menu, to preparing the food and ever serving the special visitors

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To confirm that all student now what they are doing before they graduate, a formal written test is given were students … < NEED FINISHED>

[/tab] [tab title=”Portfolio” ]

From day one student are encouraged to put a portfolio of there work together of things they have learnt and worked on thought the course, this is then grade at the end to see if all students have learnt the skills need to go out in to the culinary world, confidently and … <NEED FINISHED>

[/tab] [tab title=”Ongoing Assessments” ]Tutors test and assess students work all the time and are given feedback on how to improve. These assessment are record and stored in the student file and at the end of the course it is graded as part of ESFW commitment to provide world class tutoring and training to our students. These assessments are also used as evidence for further educational qualifications.

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