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Over the course of our Foundation Diploma in Food & Wine, ESFW covers over 300 hours of hands-on, practical experience in all areas of the kitchen. This includes all of the classical cornerstones of cooking which have been developed to form the modern techniques and methods adopted in today’s catering world. Not only do we equip students with a good knowledge of the ingredients used in each recipe, we spend a number of days away from the kitchen meeting suppliers to learn more about ingredients and taking part in innovative workshops.
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Topics that we cover include, but are not limited to;
• Soups, stocks and sauces
• Meat preparation and cooking
• Bread making
• Cooking for groups
• Vegetables
• Pasta, risotto and pulses
• Fish preparation and cooking
• Game
• Smoking, curing and preserving
• Cooking for diets and allergies
• Desserts and puddings
• Menu writing and costing

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During the Diploma, students are given a one-day introduction to food and wine matching, tutored by our
expert sommelier. This will give students a foundation of understanding regarding the makeup of wines and their ability to match with various flavour and food types.
This course will give students a good understanding of grape varieties and will enable informed wine and spirit selections. This course provides an excellent foundation to pursue further studies in food and wine.

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Before working in any foodservice environment, it is a legal requirement that every employee have a REHIS food hygiene certificate. As a matter of course, all of our Foundation Diploma students spend a full day of training with our Health & Safety officer, at the end of which a short exam is taken to gain certification.

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Knives and whites are an essential part of any chef’s kit, given that it is virtually impossible to work without them. Therefore, we equip all students with a full set of knives and equipment, as well as two sets of chef’s whites. This is included in the Foundation Diploma price.

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