Welcome to the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine (ESFW).

ESFW is a private limited company that aims to support, encourage, train and teach students of all ages to work in the hospitality and food industry.

This Handbook sets out the important rules and regulations for all students to ensure their safety.

First Day

  • Registration takes place on the first day of your course.
  • You are asked to arrive as near to 10.00 a.m. as possible
  • Tutors and Administration Staff will be there to meet you for coffee on arrival and will familiarise you with Newliston Estate, the kitchens, the classroom and administration office.
  • Students will be allocated their Cooks Essential Kit, uniforms as appropriate, and our School recipe book Recipes for Success which contains the recipes required for your course.

Daily Dress

  • Students must arrive in time to ensure that they are prepared and changed for the day, with clean aprons, hats on and jewellery removed. Wedding bands are permitted in the kitchen
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Students must wear jeans or trousers and flat, comfortable shoes in the kitchen.
  • Students on all courses, except the Diploma course, will be issued with ESFW polo shirts that they will be required to wear daily. It is not acceptable for students to arrive without their polo shirt, apron and hat and you must be aware that you will not be allowed in the kitchen to cook unless you are suitably dressed.
  • Diploma Students will wear full Chef’s Whites

Daily Format

  • The teaching day starts at 9.30 a.m. and will finish at 4 p.m.
  • On any day there may be a mix of demonstrations, practical cookery and theory lectures.
  • Please telephone 0131 333 5001 or email the office on before 9.30 a.m. if you are ill or planning to be absent.
  • All doctor’s and dental appointments should, as far as possible, be made at the beginning or end of the day.
  • Students arriving under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave for the day.
  • Any student found in possession or having taken illegal drugs will be asked to leave immediately. Please refer to the School’s full Terms and Conditions.

Health & Safety

  • You will be introduced to the Fire Drill on your first day. Please make sure you are familiar with the fire exits.
  • Please inform ESFW of any relevant medical conditions such as allergies, epilepsy, diabetes, dyslexia, poor vision or partial hearing.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Coach House, nor outside the front or Stable doors. There is a designated smoking area which will be shown to you on your first day.
  • Smoking is only allowed during the lunch break in the designated area and please remember to wash your hands after smoking
  • Please report any faulty equipment or hazards to the office immediately.
  • Regrettably, no food prepared in the School can be transported home
  • Students are not permitted to cook in the kitchen without supervision.

Certificates and Diplomas

  • Satisfactory attendance and punctual arrival is essential to obtain the Certificated Courses
  • Certificate and Diploma Students are continually assessed during practical sessions. All students must acquire a satisfactory standard in these assessments.
  • Individual support will be given where students are having difficulty with any part of the course.
  • We advise all students on career plans or with finding temporary or seasonal employment


  • The School is non residential, but we always try to assist with accommodation.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please read the full Terms and Conditions carefully before signing. Application implies acceptance by each student of the School’s rules and regulations.


  • Any grievance or complaint should be brought to the attention of Gill Plag in the first instance.

Course Dates and Fees

  • Course Dates and the basic fees including VAT (Value Added Tax) are detailed on the Course Dates and Fees page of the website. Please note that there are accompanying uniform and other items which must be acquired.