Indian Cookery – 20/05/2023


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Indian enjoys almost 40 regional cuisines, stretching from the carnivorous diet of Kashmir to the fish stews of Kerala to the biryanis of Hyderabad. Rich in flavour and spice, this course celebrates a number of finger foods, curries and side dishes to ensure that you are the envy of your friends!

Warm, wonderful, colourful cuisine is what springs to mind with Indian cookery. Ranging from sweet and mild to hot and wild there’s also so much in between. That’s what we’d love you to learn.

We will demonstrate dishes for you then to replicate that will really open your tastebuds and bring so much pleasure to your palate.

You can choose to make them as hot or mild as you’d like but we will guide you through popular plates with a few twists and takes that will make them unique to your day.

Our menus are never repeated and are only finalised when we know what ingredients are available, but previous menus have included:

Channa chat salad 

Pork balchao curry 

Chicken tikka makhani, mint chutney, perfect rice Naan bread 

Saffron and cardamom rice pudding

Tea or coffee upon arrival

Glass of wine to accompany lunch

Non-alcoholic refreshments available in the afternoon

Free parking

Please get in touch prior to booking to discuss any allergens/intolerances


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