Middle Eastern 30/09/2023


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Yottam Ottolenghi set the culinary world alight 15 years ago, really putting the spotlight on Middle Eastern cuisine. Since then, we have developed a love for the rich, complex and colourful ingredients whose aromas and flavours deliver you to the hustle and bustle of the Souk. From meltingly tender stews to sticky puddings, Middle Eastern cuisine has it all.

Incorporating lots of fresh vegetables, grains, and spices, creates amazing flavours. Adding indulgent textures merges these flavours into many, unique, Middle Eastern recipes. Richness from dried fruits and figs and a light and lifted citrus characters, really please the palate.

Previous menus have included:

Harisa Falafal, Pitta Bread, and Chicory.

Lamb and Vegetable Kebab with Tahini Sauce and Aubergine.

Shakshuka with a Labneh and Tomato Salad.

Fig and Filo Pastry flavoured with Honey and Rose.

Tea or coffee upon arrival

Glass of wine to accompany lunch

Non-alcoholic refreshments available in the afternoon

Free parking


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